Building new-age trust in the trade of goods in fresh produce.

Guidance to Vision

Current Scope

Focussed on fresh produce sub-category of Imported Fruits


Major port and metro cities for supply and selectively expanding on demand cities


Intra and Intercity trade among importers, (semi)wholesalers and distributors


Become most trusted platform for trading goods in fresh produce

About Us

Over the past few years from late 2013, we have been in the business of fresh produce based out of bangalore. We worked with different players in the ecosystem; across the spectrum of fresh produce. It turned out to be a much more complex space with perishability, inherent variability within produce, and a no-mrp price category driven by geographical demand and supply. We limited ourselves to “Imported Fruits” and organised retailers and deepened our insights. We were not inclined to scale the physical and offline business since the measure of impact and scalability of the working model was lower.

For such reason, we sold our physical business to Waycool Foods.

All the while we were working diligently on finding a vector and a focussed entry point for a scalable business model suitable for this complex space. We believe that we have found the right vector and we believe that we know our contours well.

We are actively looking for the right people for large problems in technology and trade. If any of the above rings bells, you are welcome to explore us. We are only a few in Bangalore.

You can start with any of our below contacts. / 9632700330 / 9891119476